Pharmaceutical Faculty:

    "Pharmacy - 1 course"

      Subject -  General and Inorganic Chemistry

     "Pharmacy - 2 course"

      Subject -  Organic Chemistry 

            "Pharmacy - 2, 3 course"

      Subject -  Physical and Colloidal Chemistry 

Medical Faculty:

           "Medicine - 1 course"

     Subject  Medical Chemistry

          "Medicine - 1 course"

     Subject Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry 

Dental Faculty:

                "Dentistry - 1 course"

    Subject -  Medical Chemistry

Institute of Nursing:

          "RN BSN - 1 course "

    Subject -  Medical Chemistry 

        "BSN - 2 course "

    Subject -  Medical Chemistry  

       The Teaching Staff of General Chemistry Department

Address: Ruska st. 36, Ternopil, tel . 0352 52-43-37

e-mail: zag_him@tdmu.edu.ua


вулиця Руська, 36


Pharmaceutical faculty and Department of General Chemistry were founded and developed simultaneously. However, it should be noted, that the names of disciplines and department name changing.

From 1 September 2000 in Horbachevskyi Ternopil State Medical Academy began lessons on the course of chemical-pharmaceutical, which at that time was part of the Department of Biology and Medical Genetics with disciplines Pharmacognosy (Head of the Department – candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, docent S.M. Marchyshyn). The course was led candidate of Chemical Sciences L.V. Vronska. N.I. Latsik and I.B. Ivanusa were laboratory assistants. The course is housed on Ruska street, 36.

In June 2001, the first academic year for students of Pharmaceutical faculty ended. It was second set of students who started education on two professions "Pharmacy" and "Clinical Pharmacy". Number of students increased, so number of disciplines increased too. Therefore course of chemical-pharmaceutical disciplines was reorganized into the department of chemical-pharmaceutical disciplines. From August to December 2001 head of Department of chemical-pharmaceutical disciplines was candidate of Chemical Sciences L.V. Vronska, and from December 2001 head of department was elected of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor L.M. Romanyshyna.

The teachers at that time: prof. L.M. Romanyshyna, candidates of Chemical Sciences L.V. Vronska, G.Y. Zagrychuk, O.V. Krykhovets, V.P. Bodrov, candidate of Biological Sciences M. M. Mykhalkiv, assistant N.I. Latsik. Laboratory assistants of department: I.B. Ivanusa, S.Y. Derevoriz, M.I. Boris, A.V. Ilyasov, O.S. Krys'kiv.

From 15.03.2005, the head of the Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry was appointed PhD G.Y. Zagrychuk.

In July 2006, number of students of Pharmaceutical faculty decreased, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry with analytical and toxicological chemistry was combined with Department of inorganic and organic chemistry in Department of pharmaceutical chemistry, which is attached Medical Chemistry courses for Ist year students of medical and dental faculties. Head of the department was doc. L.V. Vronska.

The teaching staff of Department of pharmaceutical chemistry at that time: Associate Professors L.V. Vronska, D.B. Korobko, L.P. Yavorska, G.Y. Zagrychuk, Y.B. Dmuhalska, M. M. Mykhalkiv, senior lecturers V.I. Gnidets and O.B. Polyak, assistants A.Y. Demyd, L.M. Ivanets, I.B. Ivanusa, N.A. Vasylyshyn, M.V. Chorna, I.R. Bekus, O.R. Tushych, L.M. Mosula.

Laboratory assistants: O.B. Kovalska, S.I. Sabat, N.I. Bronetska, O.G. Pavlishyna.

Since September 2009, prof. Fira L.S. moved to work on department, which led the department.

With the opening of distance education on Pharmaceutical Faculty and at increasing the number of foreign groups in the medical and dental faculty staff of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry replenished. Assistants S.S. Kozachok and N.I. Burmas increased the staff of the department in 2008, docent P.G. Lyhatskyy, assistants N.O. Zarivna and I.I. Medvid in 2009. In 2008-09 senior laboratories O.R. Tushych, O.I. Tusyk and O.B. Toropylo worked (off-hour job) as an assistants on department.

Since 2010 assistant Logoyda L.S. worked on department, and from 2011 - assistant H.I. Falfushynska. Also, as an assistant – senior assistant L.A. Boyko worked off-hour job.

Department staff in 2011: 1 Professor (Dr. L.S. Fira), 12 Associate Professors (L.V Vronska, G.Y. Zagrychuk, D.B. Korobko, M.M. Mykhalkiv, L.P. Yavorska, O.V. Kryhovets, Y.B. Dmuhalska, O.B. Polyak, , N.A. Vasylyshyn, P.G. Lyhatskyy, L.M. Ivanets, L.M. Mosula), 1 senior lecturer (V.I. Gnidets), 11 assistants (H.I. Falfushynska, M.V. Chorna, I.R. Backus, A.Y. Demyd, I.B. Ivanusa, N.O. Zarivna, I.I. Medvid, S.S. Kozachok, N.I. Burmas, L.S. Logoyda, M.B. Chubka), 6 senior laboratory assistants (O.V. Bacha, O.B. Toropylo, L.A. Boyko, I.B. Pizhytskyy, O.B. Bondaruk, I.I. Pankiv).

Since September 2013 the department was divided into two: the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (head - Associate Professor, Korobko D.) and the Department of General Chemistry (head - Dr. Biol. Sc. Falfushynska H.).

    Sinse September 2015: 7 associate professors (PhD G.Y. Zagrychuk, PhD Ye.B. Dmuhalska, PhD L.M. Ivanec, PhD I.R. Bekus , PhD A.Ye. Demyd, PhD M.V. Chorna, PhD D.O. Poliovyy), 2 senior teachers (Dr.Sci. H. I. Falfushynska, PhD L. O. Kravchuk), 3 assistants (PhD L.L. Gnatyshyna, PhD N.I. Burmas, PhD L.A. Boyko,), 2 senior labs (O.I. Horyn, Y.Y. Lytvyn).


At the General Chemistry Department highly qualified teachers provide a high level of teaching education for students of:

  • Faculty of  Medicine

  • Faculty of  Pharmacy

  • Faculty of  Dentistry

  • Foreign Students’ Faculty

  • Institute of  Nursing.

At the General Chemistry Department students study:

  • General and Inorganic Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Physical and Colloidal Chemistry 

  • Medical Chemistry

  • Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry 

Training is provided in three languages:

  • Ukrainian,

  • Russian,

  • English.

For a better mastery of practical skills the lines of practical skills – matricules are used. It helps to improve the skills of writing of prescriptions for a physician or a pharmacist.

  Associate-Professor  Anna Demyd in the class of inorganic chemistry with students Faculty of Pharmacy
  Assistant-Professor Lesya Gnatyshyna in the class of inorganic chemistry with students Foreign Students’ Faculty

Associate-Professor Yevgeniia Dmukhalska in the class of organic chemistry with Foreign Students FacultyAssociate-Professor Mariia Kyryliv in the class of medical chemistry with Foreign Students Faculty


Students are working in scientific group actively. Under the guidance of teachers, students conduct research for the scientific direction of the department. The results are always reported at student conferences.
In 2015 Mischanchuk V.A. won first place in the National competition of student research papers on natural, technical and humanitarian sciences in 2014/2015 academic year in the section "Theoretical Medicine. Pathologic Physiology "(supervisor Dr.Sci Falfushynska H.I.)
    At the General Chemistry Department the cultural educational work has a great value.
The students curatorial groups participate in cultural events. They joined musical evening program "Shevchenko's thoughts."

Curators hold meetings with students. The thematic discussions and problematic questions had spent with the students of a curatorial group of medical faculty. The promoting among students of healthy lifestyles and the culture of speech.

In order to raise funds for the student Solomi
a Duda, October 18, in all cases Ternopil State Medical University a charity fair.
Foreign students participated in fundraising.