еducational аctivities

At the General Chemistry Department the cultural educational work has a great value.

The students curatorial groups participate in cultural events. They joined musical evening program "Shevchenko's thoughts."

Docent Bekus Iryna whith foregen students (2016)

Curators hold meetings with students. The thematic discussions and problematic questions had spent with the students of a curatorial group of medical faculty. The promoting among students of healthy lifestyles and the culture of speech.

Meeting of the Assistant Professor Burmas Natalia with curatorial group (2017)

Meeting of the Docent Gnatyshyna Lesya with curatorial group (2017)

In order to raise funds for the student Solomiia Duda, October 18, in all cases Ternopil State Medical University a charity fair. Foreign students participated in fundraising.

The Docent Kyryliv Maria with curatorial group at the charity fair (2017)